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Viva Blue Resort Website
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June 2017


Viva Blue Resort


Soma Bay


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Viva Blue Resort & Diving Sharm El Naga is a spectacular 107 rooms and suites adults only (16 years and above) resort located directly on the Red Sea and positioned in a way that each room enjoys its view. It is part of the Egyptian National Park and offers a unique and exceptional virgin underwater wildlife. Spectacular diving and snorkeling, boat trips, diving courses and reef offer plenty of opportunities for underwater adventures. Providing comfortable user experience was a critical factor in development process. There is nothing better in building loyal customer relations than providing a good experience, where people are successful in accessing and using content and features that they value. For, user experience is a bottom line consideration that involved a wide range of activities by web development team, who made proper decisions and took related actions that affected how people experience a website.

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